My Miraculous Self

My Miraculous Self

RSE Main Campus Yelm, WA - Yelm, US

Wednesday, July 10 2024


Children ages 5-12 only, along with current RSE parents or guardian.
Parents or guardians must have completed the Class 101 since 2014 to attend.

Start Time:
Wednesday, July 10 2024 at 10AM

End Time (approx):
Sunday, July 14 2024 at 4PM

For Gate Event Times:
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Important Notice

If you had to take the Covid-19 Vaccine for any reason, please DO NOT attend events In-Person.

You can register to Stream our events online here

Cost & Discounts

Registration Fee: $300

$150 for Class 101 repeaters.

Parents or guardians must have completed the Class 101.
Two parents or a parent and a guardian may attend for free.

Registration Information

Registration available at the door

To register online - Click Here

For Registration Assistance Contact:
[email protected]

Additional Event Info

Will the children be split up into various age groups or attend all activities together?

Usually, the children will attend all together. If a child is restless, the parent can take the child out of the Hall or activity.

What would be the parent's involvement during the Children's 101?

The parent is the primary teacher of the child. Your primary role is to facilitate your child in their learning and in the hands-on portions of the teachings (such as coloring the triad) or disciplines (such as Sending-and-Receiving or Fieldwork). The parent decides when to remove and when to return a child to the session.

Will the parent be in direct contact with their child for the entirety of the event? Or will we be separated from them for any activities / teachings?

You will be in direct contact with your children the whole time. Or if they wish for example to engage Fieldwork on their own, you will be observing.

Could you please detail the activities and the information that will be taught to the children?

Selection of topics: Four cornerstones of the philosophy, Brain, Triad, Seals, Bands, Orbs, Godscope, Gladys (all at age-appropriate knowledge levels and durations).

Disciplines: Sending-and-Receiving, Remote-view, Future remote-view, C&E, Neighborhood walk, Fieldwork, Blue Body, Candle focus, Create Your Day, Grid, Archery (all at age-appropriate durations).

Travel & Lodging

Contact Le'ene Sherwood for information about accommodations.