1. Browse to
2. Enter your First Name and Last Name. If you have a BLUE RSE ID, use the name that is printed on your card.
3. Enter a User ID that will be easy for you to remember. We recommend you use your Email Address.
4. Enter your Email Address, this is how we will communicate with you for account updates and purchases. If you do not have an email address, you can create a free web mail account here.
5. Enter your Email Address again to confirm
6. Enter in a Password of your choosing
7. Enter in the Password again to confirm
8. Click the 'Create Account' button
9. You will see a message "Thank you for Registering"
10. Click on the link below your User ID and Password to submit a request to have your new account synced with your RSE Student record.
11. Scroll down until you see the submission form, your Name and email address should be filled in already, if not fill in those fields
12. Set the 'Status' drop-down field to your student status, either 'Current' or 'Non-Current'
13. Set the 'Nature of Question' drop-down field to 'Student Status'
14. In the 'Question' box type (leave the quotes off): "Sync my Account to my RSE Student Record"
15. Click the 'Submit' button
Your user account will be synchronized with your RSE event registration record. If you have not attended any RSE events, a record will be created for you by our Registrar's Office.

It can take up to 48 hours to have your Account Synced, depending the time of the Request and the number of Requests ahead of yours.

Once you receive an email confirming your Account has been updated, go to and click the 'Login' link to access your Account, then click on the 'Live Streaming Events' link to view and pay for the upcoming Streaming Events.